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Numigo – the company

Numigo is a combination of „number“ und „amigo“. The founders are a small German team, Dr. Alexander Hars and Felicitas Sutor. Their idea is to help creating a safer world. Of course, the basic concept which means that lost or stolen valuables can easily be traced and given back will work best if many honest people help and participate. More services for the community will be provided by Numigo in the near future.

The owners of Numigo plan a cooperation with authorities, for example with the police and lost and found offices. The feedback of first talks was very positive. Authorities which are interested in working with Numigo may contact us at

The same goes for companies which are interested in a cooperation, e.g. in using Numigo IDs for their products or in purchasing tailor-made labels and tags.

Are you interested in promoting Numigo and its service in your country? Contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Please go to „Press“ for more information about Numigo.

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